About Us

The mission of Peabody Home to satisfy the needs
and desires of the residents, their families and our staff by providing personal and professional care
in a loving home atmosphere.

When exploring the options for long term care, most everyone is concerned about finding just the right place. Naturally people want to find a place with caring staff at a reasonable price. Peabody Home is just that.

History of Peabody Home

In 1938, the facility now known as the Peabody Home came into being. Bequests of local residents Anna G. Blodget, Mary and Clara Rowell and Eliza T. Shepard included money and property to be used to "establish a home for the aged in Franklin."

Peabody Home is an independent, not for profit home with multiple “levels” of care. What this means to those living here is there is a mixture of people at different stages of aging. Not everyone needs full nursing care but if they do need it the staff is here. If someone is looking for medication administration, housekeeping, laundry and delicious food, they can find it here. If someone is lonely and tired of watching TV all day, they will find caring, interesting company and activities here at Peabody Home.


What Peabody Home staff does well is build relationships with the elder and their family. All Staff, no matter what their primary service area is, know that the Resident is who we are here for. We are here to help build on the strengths of the resident, minimize the weaknesses they are dealing with and work together to provide a sense of purposefulness and hope to the aging person.

Peabody Home is not “a step down” from the hospital.  We can and do provide full nursing care with licensed Nurses. We can care for people who choose to have a feeding tube or choose to elect Hospice. We encourage the resident and family to tell us what they would like for their care, when they would like to get up, when they would like to bathe and when they would like to socialize. To summarize, Peabody Home is not the institutional care of yesteryear but a progressive, vibrant community.



If you have a natural affinity for the elderly and some free time then please do consider joining our Volunteer Program, we’d love to have you. 

Opportunities abound at Peabody, whether it’s one on one light conversation sharing memories, history and culture, helping with a craft or baking activity, exercise class, Bingo calling, gardening, Pet Therapy visitation, staffing events, chaperoning  residents to appointments, shopping trips or outdoor pursuits such as walking or fishing, weekend reception duty and greeting visitors, there’s just so many different ways to give your time and enrich the life of a resident at Peabody.

Download the volunteer application here.

For more information about the program, email amundy@peabodyhome.org.