...the Peabody Home difference.

On August 1, 2016 my Mom became part of the family at Peabody Home. The first thing was the "intake" and arrival process. At Mom's prior facility no less than 7 care takers/ nurses/ doctors, etc., descended on my Mom at 4:00 in the afternoon when she was tired! Horrible! But at Peabody Home, my Mom was put into bed and let her rest. She fell asleep almost immediately. She awoke shortly after feeling more refreshed, and only then a Nurse and an LNA came into the room! Whew, such a joyous arrival for my Mom. Love and respect from the beginning is the Peabody Home difference. Not long until lunch and Mom's plate included skin on, mashed red potatoes!! Wow! The prior home serv

How is Peabody Home different?

If you are looking for good care for your loved one, yes, there are many options available. The Peabody Home provides not just care for our residents, but a sense of family where each member has their own special place and unique needs. The warmth and love from all the staff is evidenced in the way the residents thrive. They, in turn demonstrate respect and care for each other in many ways. A resident is not a name or a room number. A resident has a past, a history, a family. This is who they are and this is not forgotten. This is not lost in the “care Plans” or the daily tasks routine. This is written by a resident’s wife who saw the love and compassion in everyone from management to the ho

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