Meet the Residents of Peabody.

It is our pleasure to begin a feature on the amazing residents at Peabody during the year. These fine folks you are about to meet are some of the finest people ever. Take a few minutes to indulge in their stories as we introduce them monthly. Here we have the joy of introducing you to Pam; mother of five, world traveler, tour guide and so much more... The Early years Pam’s father had a job working for Detroit DTI. Her mother was a Homemaker. The family lived there until Pam was 4 years old. Then, they moved to Baltimore, Maryland. She attended school, kindergarten to 4th Grade (Blue Bird School), she was taught in a small school by a Swiss teacher, 10 children were in her class. A lot o

Make a 2018 Resolution to Volunteer!

Peabody Home is currently welcoming new volunteers. Are you looking to build new friendships, use your skills to benefit others and make a difference? Whether pet therapy, music, or conversation join the Peabody Home community today. The volunteers at Peabody Home are such a valued part of our community, read a book, play a game, take a walk, share a talent...our residents will welcome you in. Contact Angela Mundy, Activities Director at Peabody Home. 603-934-3718. Strengthen Communities-Improve Lives-Connect to Others Transform Our Own Lives-Friendships-Sharing talents #Volunteer

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