The journey of life – Nurses bear witness to birth and death

Nursing is a calling. Those that gravitate towards a career in nursing have an overarching desire to help others. Of course, there are many fields within the profession; at last count, nursing placement services quote up to 104 nursing specialties. Registered nurses are well paid; indeed, the job is practically recession proof. During the last recession of 2008-2009 many gravitated towards nursing from other careers, given the pay structure, profession job satisfaction and other factors. Above that, one can make a decent living while fulfilling altruistic aspirations, consider the following: Nursing is the most trusted profession: Nurses have been at the top of Gallup’s annual honesty/e

Viruses, Our COVID-19 Response & the Effects of a Corporatized Healthcare System

America and the other 194 countries of the world are under siege of what has been described by Scott Gottlieb, MD., former commissioner of the FDA, as “maybe a once-in-a-generation pathogen that straddles that terrifying area between being contagious enough that it can spread pretty efficiently, but still virulent enough that it can cause a lot of death and disease”. Viruses have been around since the beginning of time. Their purpose in life is to replicate their RNA and DNA within host cells. The more efficient the replication, the more successful the virus. If a virus is too efficient, killing the host, replication could be less successful over time. Ideally, a living host will support

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