Care & Accommodation Levels

Adult Day Program

Available Monday through Friday - $82.00 per day.


Did you know that Boredom and Isolation increase symptoms of depression and dementia? Socialization, Participation in Community Activities and a feeling of being welcomed, included and loved are what Peabody Home excels in. Bring your loved one to our Adult Day Program and we will keep them entertained and stimulated in a safe environment so you don't have to worry about them being home alone.


This includes three meals, bathing, medication administration, nursing care, and supervision, and activities. Call for a more detailed review to determine if this is a suitable fit for your family.

“It truly feels like home...
the entire staff, ranging from leadership to cleaning, do all they can to make Mom feel loved and cared for. Peabody Home is everything I thought it might be and more. With Mom there, we have a great deal of peace of mind. We have been on the dementia journey with her for ten years and now that she’s at Peabody, we feel comfortable enough to finally go on vacation.”

~Lori Salvi, daughter of Peabody
Home resident, Mary Censato

Assisted Living


Some individuals may require help in performing a range of daily living tasks-such as taking medications, dressing, and bathing. Our Assisted Living program provides all of these services, and more, for those who need a little "extra help” each day to maximize their independence.


Full access to all programs and activities.


Pricing is based on your choice of room which includes medication administration, nursing assessment, three meals plus snacks, registered dietitian oversight, MD visits in-house, geropsychiatric services if needed, and laundry/housekeeping services. If the individual needs cueing, Level 1 care is added to the room rate. If the individual needs special assessment/ intervention from the nurse, such as blood sugar checks, pain management or other nursing needs an additional charge will be added. (See price list for more detail.)

Nursing Care

Whether recovering from an illness or medical procedure, living with a chronic condition or dealing with end-of-life issues—we are here for you and your family. Private and semi-private rooms are available.

We provide 24/7 licensed nursing coverage, something that differentiates us from other stand alone Assisted Living facilities. Medication administration, special dietary needs, restorative care… and more.

The professional staff at Peabody Home will provide residents and families with the information and support that they need to understand what is happening and also explore the many, sometimes complex, feelings involved. You have the attention of a “Full team” of healthcare professionals.



For those who feel caught between Medicaid and “the moon” we believe that our nursing care fees are among the lowest in the state. How do we do this you might ask? You pay for the care received not for the care delivered to others. There is no cost shifting as is the practice in a Medicaid home. (See price list for more detail.)


Hospice Care


You can access the Medicare benefit of Hospice Care if you choose. Our Nursing Professionals work closely with the VNA of your choice. You and your family are made to feel welcome 24/7.
We help you to be involved in the choices of care at the end of life.

Respite Care

You are going away and have no place for your loved to go, and you are uncomfortable bringing along hired help. Make arrangements to have your loved one come here for a vacation. Enjoy your vacation knowing that your loved one won't go a night without someone with them.