Elderly Transition Does Not Need to be Difficult

Franklin, NH – Do you have a parent, neighbor, aunt or uncle that you are worried about living alone? Worried about driving during the winter months? Worried about isolation? None of us know what age will bring in terms of our physical and mental well-being. It is probably better we don’t know but there are things you can do to prepare should you be looking for services either temporarily or permanently.

Speak to the Primary Care Physician – What might you expect in the coming months?

What kind of care will your loved one need? Are you able to provide it? What resources are available to you?

Are you going to be proactive or reactive?

Many people make important decisions when forced to. An example is a hospitalization. A medical event has come up, your loved one is transferred to the hospital, and after a long stay in the emergency room they may or may not be admitted. They may or may not be able to return home.

If this sounds like you here are some resources for you to have on hand:

  • Work with the Social Worker/Case Manager at the hospital. Ask them what they see in the short term and long term in terms of care needs.

  • Reach out to Service Link – A statewide program designed to assist you with resources you might need.

  • Financial Advisor – Try to have your loved one see a financial advisor or discuss finances with you. Are you the DPOA – Durable Power of Attorney for Finance? For Health? Does the individual have a Long Term Care Insurance Policy? If so, what is the contact and phone number?

  • Call Peabody Home and speak with Meg Miller. We are a Not for Profit with Adult Day Services, Independent Services, Assisted Living and Full Nursing.

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