1st of 3 Open Mic sessions with Pat Kelly: Elder Care Discussion with Meg Miller

Pat Kelly of WEMJ invited Meg Miller, Executive Director of Peabody Home in Franklin, to his weekly Open Mic on December 30, 2016, to discuss how elder transition does not have to be overwhelming with early discussions, planning and family support. Miller, spoke about the fears and apprehensions most seniors have about the future of their care and place of residence.

As a nurse and senior care provider for over 30 years, Meg encouraged listeners to talk amongst their family in casual conversation about their aging needs. Her experience has indicated that people of age are already thinking and worrying about their future care. These early conversations can allow opportunity to for all those involved to become empowered with

information. The conversation with Kelly and Miller closed with the message to take the steps to acquire information through trusted resources before a time of crisis. Local entities, such as ServiceLink here in Laconia and Leading Age ME & NH are excellent resources to ask questions.

Aging does not mean you are sick; it can be an exciting time with new experiences, new friends, and new beginnings. Miller encourages people to call her directly if they are uncertain on how to begin. Tune in January 20th at 9am for more of the conversation discussing the benefits of Long Term Health Insurance, Private Pay versus Medicaid options. For more information, visit peabodyhome.org or call Meg at 934-3718.

Click on the photo to LISTEN to the full interview on YouTube!

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