3rd of 3 Open Mic sessions with Pat Kelly: Continuing Elder Care Conversation with Meg Miller

Pat Kelly of WEMJ invited Meg Miller, Executive Director of Peabody Home in Franklin, back to his weekly Open Mic on February 3, 2017 to continue the discussion on planning for elder care. This week’s discussion focused on the Medicare and Medicaid aspect. Miller, spoke about how extremely complicated and overwhelming the Medicare/Medicaid system can be. The conversation focused on the guidelines of coverage and the eligibility requirements of each program.

Meg’s advice in trying to navigate through this system with your family, is to ASK questions and educate yourself! Use local services through senior center advisors, hospital liaisons and your own health insurance agency. They may not have all the answers, but the more data you collect, the more informed you are when understanding how and when to use the Medicare / Medicaid program and what potential obstacles could stand in your way. Miller encourages people to call her directly if they are uncertain on how to begin. For more information, visit peabodyhome.org or call Meg at 934-3718.

Click on the photo to LISTEN to the full interview on YouTube!

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