...the Peabody Home difference.

August 18, 2017

On August 1,  2016 my Mom became part of  the  family at  Peabody Home.


The first thing was the "intake" and arrival process.  At Mom's prior facility no less than 7 care takers/ nurses/ doctors, etc., descended on my Mom  at  4:00 in the  afternoon  when she  was tired!  Horrible!  But at Peabody Home, my Mom was put  into bed  and let  her  rest. She fell asleep almost immediately.  She awoke shortly after feeling more refreshed, and only then a Nurse and an  LNA came into the room! Whew, such a joyous arrival for my Mom.


Love and respect  from the beginning is the Peabody Home difference.


Not long until lunch and Mom's plate included skin on, mashed red potatoes!! Wow! The prior home served fake mashed potatoes for Mom's lunch and supper! Awful!


Quality, home cooked food is the Peabody Home difference!


One afternoon, while sitting with Mom in her room, we hear piano music! Then we hear singing too. There was a wonderful performance going on in the Rec Room! We never saw any activity at other facility!


Lots of wonderful music and daily activities is the Peabody Home difference.


The staff at Peabody Home was consistently caring and supportive. The daily attention, care and love from the LNA staff were extraordinary.  The Nurses were attentive and knowledgeable as well as showing a professional and a deep commitment for each individual resident. The ratio of staff to resident is amazing, 4:1. Coming from a place where the ratio was 24:1 and where a 45- minute wait for assistance wasn't unusual, Peabody Home is wonderful.


Abundant, caring, loving and professional staff is the Peabody Home difference.


Thank you for making a difference for Mom, my sister, our entire family, and myself.


Brenda Cheever Ford

Nancy Cheever Bryant

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