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It is our pleasure to begin a feature on the amazing residents at Peabody during the year. These fine folks you are about to meet are some of the finest people ever. Take a few minutes to indulge in their stories as we introduce them monthly.

Here we have the joy of introducing you to Pam; mother of five, world traveler, tour guide and so much more...

Pam G. Jelleme

The Early years

Pam’s father had a job working for Detroit DTI. Her mother was a Homemaker. The family lived there until Pam was 4 years old. Then, they moved to Baltimore, Maryland.

She attended school, kindergarten to 4th Grade (Blue Bird School), she was taught in a small school by a Swiss teacher, 10 children were in her class. A lot of the classes were in French, no text books, teacher planned all the lessons. We sat at her feet and learned all the multiplication tables forward and backwards.

Pam’s whole class was accepted into Private schools without testing to enroll. The school was called Bryn Mawr School. It was a private school, Grades 5th-12th. Uniforms were worn by all. No nail polish, lip stick, or make up at all was allowed to be worn.

One of Pam’s favorite sports was field hockey during school. Pam also, enjoyed badminton, lacrosse, basketball and cheer leading. She also, enjoyed horseback riding in her younger years. Some of Pam’s favorite things to do was being in a Bowling League, she was an advanced Bridge player, and a superb cook. She had a weekly swim group in Nantucket. She enjoyed doing Needlepoint and was an avid Knitter. Later, she developed international needlework tours with 10-12 travelers which included tours of China and England. She obtained her Tour Guide license in the U.S.

After, High School Pam attended “Katie Gibbs Secretarial School” in Baltimore. Then, Pam married her 1st husband at nineteen and had two girls. First came Paddy, then daughter Meg. The divorced followed shortly after the children were born.

A few years later, she married her second husband and had a son John and a daughter Victoria.

She lived in Baltimore until 1963, then moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts with her husband John who was a Stock Broker. John was tired of the business, so we decided to move Nantucket. He ended up finding a job as a clerk. Later, they both bought a large house with lots of rooms. This is when Pam operated, a Bed and Breakfast looking over the beautiful harbor.

Business was very slow in the winter. This allowed Pam to get together with friends. At this time, Pam realized John was not the one. She decided shortly after to marry Howard.

Howard and Pam lived in Nantucket and later had a daughter Christina. Together they had eight children.

During school vacation one year, the two of them bought a farm in Andover, NH. This was so the children could ski and do things on vacation that they could not do in Nantucket, MA. Back then, Pam remembers going to “IGA” in West Franklin, before Sam’s Club or BJ’s, leaving with 3 to 4 carts of groceries.

The dream of the farm was to plant a vineyard and supply grapes for wine companies. When the farm was bought it was called “Halcyon Hills Farm.” Pam and Howard decided to keep the name. There was a total of three acres of grapes. Pam and other grape growers got together to form “The grape Growers of New Hampshire.” On the farm Pam stayed busy caring for the chickens, pigs, horses, and became licensed to artificially inseminate cows.

Halcyon Hills Farm went on for ten years. Unfortunately, the demand for the grapes and the business dwindled after trying many different ways to sell grapes. The grapes were growing so well. The next step was to pack up and move somewhere else.

Italy was where they both started their next adventure after the children were on their own. They bought a large piece of property with some vineyard. Later, planting more and planned on opening a Winery. Pam did not want to stay in Italy. She wanted to go home after fifteen years. She missed her children and her great grandchildren. Howard stayed and planned the Vineyard.

Pam moved back to Nantucket and later divorced Howard. They put the land in Andover, NH up for sale but kept the Vineyard and Barn.

Pam stayed in Nantucket, Ma until 2014. Then moved here to Peabody Home.

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