Peabody Home leads in community collaboration through the merger of volunteer and career development

Peabody Home is the catalyst to LNA training among youth in Franklin NH. Through the local chapter of MY TURN at Franklin High School and the American Red Cross, local students in the greater Franklin community are currently volunteering and learning from the Nursing Staff at Peabody Home providing care for residents.

MY TURN is a regional organization designed to help our youth develop their skills, goals, and self-confidence through alternative education, post-secondary planning, career exploration, and employment training. Their programs work in concert with local partners including high-schools, employers, colleges, and social service agencies to provide a holistic approach to serving youth.

Each program is unique and designed to meet the needs of the community it serves but all programs are built upon:

  • A comprehensive and effective workforce development model that combines classroom learning with hands-on activities and real world experiences;

  • A holistic approach to service provision with emphasis on community collaboration to generate the most opportunity for our participants;

With the local MY TURN program preparing a group of 8 student’s opportunity to pursue their interest in developing a career in nursing, a volunteer program was developed with the Peabody Home. Due to the volume of participants and the desire to become trained LNA’s; MY TURN partnered with the American Red Cross and their Certified Nursing Assistant Training program. This launch is allowing local students to develop a career path with a highly demanded employee skill.

Meg Miller, Executive Director of Peabody Home expressed the excitement by sharing “the community collaboration of nursing training, volunteering and partnership with Peabody Home not only enriches the quality of life for our residents; but knowing we are engaging in the positive direction of growing our regions trained nursing professionals is one of the greatest win-win collaborations.”

The American Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant Training is a comprehensive program designed with input from educators, caregivers, and long-term care industry representatives. These class participants will continue their hands on training as active volunteers under the supervised Licensed Nursing staff at Peabody Home.


Myla Danforth (Franklin NH) –My Turn Volunteer Program & Red Cross LNA Class Participant. She enjoys the training and one on one time with the residents. Myla is excited to finish the course and graduate; she shared hopes to one day become employed at Peabody Home.

Myla and Peabody Home resident, Carol.

My Turn participant, Myla Danforth, treats Clarisse with a manicure.

My Turn participant, Myla Danforth, treats Clarisse with a manicure.

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