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Lori Salvi had been on the dementia journey with her mother, Mary Censato for 10 years. For many of those years, she lived four hours away, but took her in to live with her and her husband for a year and a half. As one can imagine, the 24/7 care of her mother became overwhelming. That's when she started researching care facilities that could help provide the care her mother needed.

Having worked in the disabilities field for many years, Lori had a good idea of what she wanted for her mother and she found that in Peabody Home.

Lori shares, "I chose Peabody Home because they think outside the box. Instead of labeling mom’s disability and making decisions based on that, they work with me to problem solve to find what works best for her.”

Equally important, Lori wanted a place that would feel like home. Until she found Peabody Home, other facilities felt like institutions. As Lori puts it, "Mom adjusted to her new surroundings beautifully because it felt more like home than an institution. It is small enough that everyone knows your name and the entire staff ranging from leadership to cleaning does all they can to make residents and their families feel welcome."

Peabody Home took a great weight off Lori and her husband's shoulders offering enough peace of mind to finally go on vacation.

Lori's closing thought? "For anyone that’s stressed about finding the right care facility for their loved one, Peabody Home really opens opportunities. I would suggest you visit the Peabody Home and see if it might meet your loved one’s needs."

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