Message from Meg Miller, Administrator Peabody Home: Coronavirus

The Coronavirus, Covid-19 that is central to our lives these days given media tendency to find the most dramatic, terrible events to report around the world and stream into our homes at record speed. With this new virus, I appreciate the rapidity in which information is coming to us from all directions. I want to reassure you that here at Peabody Home, we are doing all we can to protect the residents, staff, volunteers and families.

This virus is much like the flu we all know. The flu hits hard, quickly and there is no “pill” to cure. All you can do is treat the symptoms and “ride it out.” The difference with Coronavirus is that we have never before seen this particular strain, therefore have no immunity to it and is proving to be much more deadly than the flu we usually deal with.

At Peabody Home we are practicing “Universal Precautions” which we utilize every day.

COVID-19 has heightened our awareness of the importance of strict handwashing, observing residents for symptoms and asking that staff who are showing “flu like symptoms” stay home.

Our housekeeping practices are standard healthcare practices which help interrupt any virus/bacteria transmission. Our Medical Director has instructed us to prepare for providing care to the residents if 20% of our workforce suddenly are unavailable for up to 14 days, limit large gatherings and to educate all on the symptoms to be reporting to Nursing.

The most vulnerable population are the elderly; therefore, while COVID-19 containment and the challenges to public health remain, vigilance and common sense must prevail. We are only as strong as our weakest link. We ask that you not visit if you have any upper respiratory symptoms. Frequent handwashing, avoidance of people who are coughing and sneezing (droplets can travel six to eight meters respectively) keeping your hands away from your face (a 2015 study reports humans touch their faces up to 23 times an hour ) and being cautious about participating in crowded events and gatherings, should help stave off this virus.

Meanwhile I urge you to be sensible and vigilant in hand hygiene.

Be smart and be safe.

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