Peabody Home Recognizes local Doctor Partnerships

Peabody Home recognized the support and care provided by two local doctors associated with the non-profit residential home for the elderly in conjunction with the National Awareness Day for all doctors. It didn’t matter to Peabody staff that the medical degrees held by Jonathan Mischon MD, and Barry Taylor DVM, were for people and animals respectively, the appreciation was the same.

Meg Miller, Administrator and Executive Director said “We are so incredibly lucky and honored to have Dr Jonathon Mishcon as our Medical Director. He provides geriatric care delivered with such empathy and compassion, that our residents live with joy and purpose made possible by his medical expertise in the special needs of the elderly”.

Staff and residents greeted Dr. Mischon with broad smiles and each wearing a signature bow tie. He was then presented with two new bow ties of sophistication to add to his collection.

An impromptu demonstration of how to correctly tie a bow tie ensued; the dapper doctor made it look effortless!

Next, a contingent of residents boarded the Peabody Home bus and visited Dr. Barry Taylor at his Franklin Veterinary Clinic. Not only does Dr. Taylor – Doc Taylor as he is affectionately known - provide veterinary care to some of the privately owned pets at Peabody, he also takes care of the two felines who live there permanently. Both cats are well into the double-digits, but thanks to Doc Taylor's tender care, they are spry and healthy.

The good doctor was presented with an oil painting created by one very talented resident of Peabody’s Home, and bestowed a gift card to Black Forest Nursery in Boscawen.

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