A Room with a View – The future of Peabody Home & Our Expansion Dreams Realized

It’s human nature to dwell on the past, rehashing old activities and events that shape and define who we are today. No one will challenge the collective memories of 2020 as we endure the pandemic and the far-reaching effects of COVID-19.

At Peabody Home we found ourselves buffeted on the high seas of finances and applications as we navigated our way through the arduous process of asking USDA Rural Development to first accept, then consider, and finally approve our application for support to build a new facility more in line with the expectations of those who would seek to live with us and equal or surpass industry standards as a whole. At the very moment federal staff on the ground both in New Hampshire and regionally started to review our lengthy submission, COVID-19 began its mission to attack human immune defenses and take down world economies. It’s true we had some worrisome nay, terrifying moments as we watched with dismay this awful virus breach the walls of otherwise solidly run congregate senior living communities all around us.

The emotional toll exacted on staff at our fellow facilities was heartbreaking as residents started to die from a virus they had no defenses to fight off.

We’ve been engaged with this foe for the better part of a year.

Peabody Home has continued to remain COVID-19 free, a title we are proud to claim while at the same time saddened to acknowledge in light of the fact that others have not fared as well. With tenacious spirit, our resolve has never wavered from keeping the house safe, maintaining the morale of residents and their families, and supporting our staff.

September was a supremely happy month for us.

USDA-Rural Development approved our application and agreed to fund our expansion project! We started the conversation about revitalizing Peabody Home over three years ago, so this moment is an historically momentous marker for us.

A “yes we will” from the Federal Government in the midst of global upheaval is no mean feat.

The work now begins.

Site preparation includes hauling in equipment, realigning water and sewage lines and electrical access. We moved our beloved perennials to a protected area and razed the old mansion on Proctor Point. Land clearing involved demolishing the Cottage and our three-bay garage. We have ensured Internet and telephone communications stay on line in continuance of services now and throughout Phase 1 construction. This all began in earnest in November 2020.

We’ll be conducting inventory on all equipment and furnishings we wish to keep since it’s never a good idea to simply throw away “old stuff’ especially with the rich history and emotional connection to so many beloved pieces. That said, the ‘new Peabody’ will be filled with new furniture and fixtures appropriate to the care and services we will continue to provide – that is, a warm place, connected to the local community where folks can live purposefully and flourish in a supportive, safe environment.

We’ll be working to keep our residents informed, happy and engaged during the build, and when the new structure is complete, anticipated December 2021, giving those lucky folks first choice to pick out their new quarters.

The excitement is palpable at Peabody now, as we anticipate Peabody in the future.

We have a stellar reputation for care of older generations within the medical community, word of mouth and first-hand knowledge. This will continue far into the care needs of future residents looking to maintain their independence and those seeking assisted living options in addition to Memory Care, Respite and Hospice.

Meanwhile, keeping pace with local awareness, interest and buzz outside our immediate catchment area, we offer the ability to sign up for early notifications of this much anticipated new build. Moving to Peabody Home now affords first option for moving in to the new Peabody in December 2021 and beyond. In the interim we continue to offer options for families looking for help and have continued to accept new residents with all precautions in place.

We invite you to stay in touch with our progress as it happens and are honored to be the recourse for so many families at a poignant and crucial time in their lives.

Receiving news as it happens relative to our expansion couldn’t be easier; for up to the minute project news sign up here.

Looking forward a bright future!

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