Peabody Home's Loving Staff and Volunteers

We are fortunate to have some of the best quality staff members and volunteers here at Peabody Home.

From our adventures and outings to hosted events and luncheons, we always have a great group of people to work with and provide our residents with a family-like environment.

The love and support within our team is shown by the knowledge and care they provide our residents.

At Peabody Home, we believe that genuine care and support are two major qualities that you can find from every one of our staff members and volunteers. It is thanks to them that so many residents and their families feel safe and assured that their loved ones are well taken cared for.

Each week at Peabody Home, there are activities and events planned for our residents to enjoy. We always leave our doors open and welcome in our friends, families, board members, and volunteers to join the fun!

Peabody Home Staff, August 2018

Cathryn Nelson, resident, and John Benham, Volunteer, August 2018

Board Representatives Wanda Belyea and John Benham, President of Peabody Home Board, and Meg Miller, Executive Director, August 2018

Marion Keith, resident, with family and Chip Gailey, LNA, August 2018

Mary Censato, resident, with her daughter, Laurie, August 2018

Chip Gailey, LNA, with Pam Jelleme, resident, President of the Resident Council, and Meg Miller's mother, August 2018

Administrative Team (L-R) Meg Miller, Executive Director, Amanda Arsenault, Dietary Aide, Mariah Gauthier, Director of Dietary Services, Angela Mundy, Director of Activities and Volunteer, Lorie Hansen, Activity Assistant, and Allison Cross, Business Office Liaison, August 2018

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