Giving to Peabody Home


  • Endowment

    • Our Endowment represents the roots of Peabody Home. Having the Endowment offers stability and security to the Home. We are able to consider doing projects or paying for emergencies that we would not be able to consider if there was no Endowment. Donations and Planned Giving are always welcome.

  • Annual Appeal

    • Over the years, donations from our Annual Fund Raising Appeal have provided us with funds to purchase a new mechanical lift for our residents and we were able to renovate our kitchen. We also acquired new chairs for our dining room and we placed a gazebo on our front lawn. Most recently we obtained and mounted a retractable awning on our back patio to shade our residents from the sun. The selection for each Annual Appeal is based on  projects that will either improve the quality of life for our Residents and/or assist our staff in providing quality care to our Residents.

  • Activity Fund

    • This fund was created to provide activities that the Residents might request or want that is not in the operational budget. Expenditures from this Fund are decided by the Activity Director and the Residents.

  • Sunshine Fund

    • Our Staff are not allowed to accept tips or gifts from Residents or families. The Residents and families feel very grateful for the care provided here at Peabody Home. This fund is an option for them to show appreciation directly to the staff. Expenditures from this Fund are done by a committee of employees.